Sore No More Massage Oil Benefits

Sore No More Massage Oil

The foundation of this healing oil is arnica flowers, known for their incredible ability to sooth strains, sprains, bruising and soreness from trauma, stress, and injury. To this we added the anti-inflammatory essential oil Bergamot (we used bergaptene-free Bergamot, which eliminates the oil’s photosensitivity-causing properties). This essential oil is widely considered safe in pregnancy.  As an added boost, we included three flower essences—Dandelion, Star of Bethlehem, and Arnica—to support and heighten the effects of the oil.

We recommend using Sore No More as a massage oil, as a compress on injured parts of the body, and/or in a bath. Sore No More works best if used shortly after the injury has occurred. For external use only. Do not apply to broken skin, open wounds, or mucous membranes.

For massage, squirt a few pumps into your hand and massage into the skin in the affected area (making sure to avoid broken skin and mucous membranes).  For a compress, soak a cloth or bandage in several pumps of Sore No More and apply to the affected area.  For a bath, squirt several pumps of Sore No More directly into the bath.  You may also pump the oil into a bath salt (i.e. Epsom or Sea Salt) and add this salt-oil combo directly into the bath (bonus muscle tissue benefits from the salts!).  

I was introduced to this healing aid when I sprained my ankle 7 months pregnant. I applied this oil regularly and was amazed at how quickly I healed—I went from not being able to put any weight on my leg (and being in a wheelchair!) to walking again in less than two weeks, a much shorter time than I was expecting, given the injury. Since then, I keep arnica oil close at hand. I’ve used it on bad bruises my little toddler has gotten from falls, and watch the bruising fade from deep purple and red to light red and pale yellow almost immediately. I use it on my own bumps and lumps (I can be rather clumsy), and watch them heal quickly. I recently overextended my quadriceps slipping on a steep hike, used Sore No More when I got back from the hike and later that night. The pain was gone the next day. Amazing! I am hooked and I hope you will be too! - Jaime

Organic Ingredients & Benefits


Arnica Montana infused Olive Oil

For centuries, Arnica has been celebrated for its remarkable ability to reduce inflammation, enhance blood circulation and help heal bruises, hematomas, cramps, sprains, muscle pain and stiffness. Also works well for arthritis and other inflammatory pain conditions. Best used immediately following injury where there is no broken skin.

Non-GMO mixed-tocopherols (vitamin E)

This oil helps to preserve the blend; rich in delta and gamma tocopherols, powerful natural antioxidants.

Bergaptene-free Bergamot Essential Oil
(citrus bergamia)

The citrus fruit responsible for the unique taste of Earl Grey tea, Bergamot is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiseptic. It eases muscle pain and inflammation, helps heal wounds and skin ailments, prevents scarring, and enhances immunity. Emotionally, it reduces stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and balances the emotions. The bergaptene has been removed due to its photosensitizing properties.

Flower Essence

Used short term for rapid recovery from trauma; heals deep-seated shock or trauma that can be locked in the body and prevent recovery; for remaining embodied despite emergency, violence or stress.


Flower Essence

Good for tension, rigidity, and stiffness, especially in the muscles of the body, often caused by over-striving or over-doing; cultivates dynamic physical energy; on a deeper level, allows our obstacles to become our path of growth and transformation, offers renewal and expansion, supports those who have experienced the shattering effects of trauma.

Star of Bethlehem
Flower Essence


A deeply restorative remedy with calm soothing qualities for those who have experienced shock or trauma; helps us stay embodied during and after trauma.