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Jaime Flures-Mizejewski
Jaime offers private flower essence consultations, birth chart readings and healing sessions. These are really the best way to receive one-on-one customized flower essence support tailored to your personal challenges and healing goals.

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Flower Essence Consultations

Jaime offers flower essence consultations in person (in Asheville, North Carolina) and anywhere else via email or phone.  

Receiving a private consultation is a fabulous way to gain insight into, and support with, the specific challenges and lessons of our lives. Sometimes we are too close to our own problems and can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Or we know exactly what is going on and are wisely seeking support.  Whether you’re struggling with particular issues or simply want to live more fully in your existing strength, a consultation is a very supportive self-care measure. 

Before we meet, you may want to jot down some notes and ideas to clarify your current situation. During the session, we will talk about what's alive for you right now, your thoughts, feelings, struggles, intentions and healing goals.  From here, I will connect your needs and desires to the flower essences that can best support you and develop a unique custom remedy for you to take over the next month or so.  

I provide a list of the essences in your custom blend, instructions on how to take your remedy, and am available by email if you have any questions while taking your remedy. We check in via email at weeks one and four to see how things are progressing.  When you finish your remedy, we can then decide if you would like to continue with or modify the current remedy, as desired.  


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This includes our consultation time (i.e. our correspondence), time to determine best flower essence options, time to prepare your remedy, and the remedy itself. First session is typically an hour or so.  Follow-ups range from a half to a full hour, depending on extent of consult and extent of change to first remedy.  

Working with Jaime was fantastic! She is professional and very intuitive. I came to her discussing anxiety issues in my daughter that may have stemmed from a traumatic birth. She suggested a custom blend of flower essences for her. After weeks of using the blend, my daughter seems to have become more independent and secure in her surroundings. A definite shift in her energy! A big bonus is the Santosha essences actually taste good and my daughter always asks for her “yummy tosha!.” I will be contacting Jaime again when we decide to have another child. — Heather

I  LOVED the custom blend you made for me! I really felt like the flowers in the blend addressed my situation and that you found things I needed that we didn’t even talk about.  I noticed I felt less stress right away. I’m ready for another bottle. Thanks!  — Sarah

Birth Chart Reading

Offered alone or in conjunction with a flower essence consultation, a flower essence birth chart reading uses your birth chart to offer insight into flower essence remedies that may support you on a deeper, personality level now and throughout your life.  Many of us come into this lifetime with one or two major lessons to learn-- this service offers you insight into your birth chart and the flowers that may support you with the bigger life lessons you are learning. You will get an astrological report of the major themes you've charted for this lifetime.  (I use Shamanic Astrology)



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Flower Essence Healing SessionsFlower essence healing sessions are offered in person by appointment in Asheville, North Carolina.  

Flower essence healing sessions help people heal from the past and live the lives they desire.  This option is great for anyone seeking to heal from trauma (including birth trauma), those seeking greater embodiment, and those wishing for a more fulfilling connection to themselves, their purpose, and the world around them.  This technique helps open and balance the chakras allowing any fragmented elements of ourselves to be reintegrated…allowing profound healing and greater embodiment.  This technique also brings more awareness and presence into the heart, where deep and profound healing can occur.

My flower essence healing session with Jaime was much more thank I could have imagined!  Her guidance through a profound experience was loving, gentle, and skillful.  The insights I received were more than I expected and truly a gift.  This is a legitimate healing modality with a wonderful practitioner! — Ryan, Saint Paul
Working with Jaime was a dream come true. She is that perfect mix of a medicine woman who embodies the wisdom of an elder, the compassion of someone walking a path alongside you, and the sweet innocence of a child with a wide open heart.  She sources her medicine from a place beyond time, but makes it accessible to the specific challenges and joys of expanding into our next expression of self to birth, to re-birth, and to live!
Rochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya





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